1997 Discovery Award Winners

SGCDpro 1997 Discovery Awards presented for outstanding glass and ceramic decorating

The Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCDpro) honored Discovery Award winners during its annual show and technical seminar in San Diego, Sept. 28 - Oct. 1. The 1997 awards featured 391 entries in 16 design and 15 technical categories. Two awards were presented in design categories with glass and ceramic entries judged separately.

In addition to the design and technical awards, SGCDpro also honored two Discovery entries for overall merit. Discovery Room visitors elected the "Born to be Free" charger plate designed by Ted Blaylock for The Franklin Mint with decals by Heinrich Ceramic Decal to receive the annual Vandenoever Award for "best of show." The design features a collage of outdoor scenes and has a dramatic soaring eagle as its main focal point. The plate is decorated with high resolution four-color process decal technology and includes tightly registered brite gold.

Also, the judging panel presented the Judges' Award for overall effect to Cookson Matthey Ceramics for the Wedgwood "Persia" formal dinnerware pattern that is decorated with Cookson Matthey decals.

All entries were displayed, and winners were selected by a distinguished panel of judges who reviewed each entry category and selected winners by consensus. The panel of three judges included Rebecca Bushner, Annieglass; Paul Helgesen, Treasure Craft; and Mike Musselman, Screen Graphics.

Judging was completed before the Discovery Room was opened to the general.

membership for review. SGCDpro members Robert Zollweg of Libbey Inc., and Lee Marvin, AdGraphics, designed the Discovery Room, with Zollweg presiding over the award ceremony at SGCDpro's Annual Banquet. Zollweg, who has presented the Discovery Awards for five years, noted that the "caliber of entries was outstanding this year, with the number of entries in tableware categories increasing dramatically along with the number of entries representing new and innovative decorating techniques."

The 1997 Discovery Award winners are:

Food Container, Glass: Chemidry of America, A frosted bottle with decorative flowers applied with an organic coating that is chemically cured rapidly at room temperature.


Food Container, Ceramic: Design Point Decal, Twinings Tea Container decorated with decals on translucent porcelain and sold as a promotional collectible piece.

Beverage Container, Glass: Heinrich Ceramic Decal, Inc., Dolce wine bottle decorated with a decal containing precious metal and colors for the Premier Glass Company.


Cosmetic Containers, Glass: Art Deco Div. of POCHET of America, 30 ml. TiTi New York St. Gregory fragrance bottle screen printed with three-colors and tight registration.



Architectural Glass: Decal Specialties, Mount Nittany stained glass panel featuring an organically printed indirect transfer that was printed to simulate a multicolored stained glass piece.

Architectural Ceramic: Decoritalia SpA, "Primavera" by Botticelli reproduction of original painting in Ufizzi Gallery on ceramic panel that is two meters high and one meter wide. Panel is screen printed in four-color process by Decoritalia for Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola. Six sheets are applied by hand with junctions disguised to give the impression of a one-piece decal. Firing process took 3.5 days.

Appliances, Glass: Schott Glaswerke, Schott Glaswerke's "The Wild 3" appliance sample featuring a multi-colored glass ceramic cooking surface, safety glass oven panel and oven door. Decoration is screen printed on glass ceramic cooktop, float glass panel and door.

Hollowware, Tumblers: Libbey Inc., Le Fleur glasses with screen-printed flower decoration.

Hollowware, Mugs: Heinrich Ceramic Decal, Inc., Nostalgic full-coverage mug wrap designs printed by Heinrich decal for Land and Wise. Mugs sold in matching boxes.


Ad Specialty & Premium, Glass:Durand Glass Manufacturing, Disorrono Rondelo OTR (on-the-rocks) tumblers that are decorated with a full-wrap screen-printing process that uses 3 colors and gold.



Ad Specialty & Premium, Ceramic: The Allen Co., Executive Set 3-piece black marble mug, clip caddy and coaster/lid with a gold OCC Latex Division imprint. Satin etch ink is applied with a 22 kt. gold overlay for a two-tone gold effect.

Novelties & Souvenirs, Glass: Libbey Inc., Royal Caribbean window tumbler that features a 7-color screen-printed decoration.

Novelties & Souvenirs, Ceramic: Heinrich Ceramic Decal, Inc., Pooh personalized baby plate incorporating a decal printed by Heinrich Decal for Disney Catalog.

Collectibles, Glass: Libbey Inc., Micro Brewery set of screenprinted beer glasses printed with six colors.

Collectibles, Ceramic: EPCO, Abstract plate with 12" full-cover decal coupe for Swid Powell. Decal printed in 4-color process with 2 pick colors.

Artware, Glass: EPCO, Hand-painted tableware for Fiasco, Inc. featuring five color combinations of glass frits and lustres.

Artware, Ceramic: Tiffany & Co., Pharmaceutical jar with 18th century polychrome Chinese scene on a gold background. Piece is painted in four stages with each stage followed by a separate firing beginning at 900 degrees. Gold is burnished and engraved with agate to complete decoration.

Lighting Ware, Glass: Fenton Art Glass Co., Reverse painted lampshade on a brass base. Shade is first sandblasted on both sides before flowers are painted on the outside with glass enamels and fired. The inside scenes are then hand-painted and airbrushed, and the piece is fired again.


Lighting Ware, Ceramic: Lenox Inc., Imperial Dynasty lamp that features multiple hand-fitted and applied decals. Piece is single-fired and hardware is then applied.



Innovation, Glass: Janesville Group, Image 3 Crystal Collection hot air balloons engraved using a patented laser technology driven by a sophisticated computer program to create a 3-dimensional image in a flawless piece of optically-clear solid crystal.

Innovation, Ceramic: Philadelphia Decal, Zippora woman mosaic "The Mona Lisa of Galilee" reproduced from Northern Israel. Engraved decal-decorated glazed ceramic tile decorated using patent-pending process to control carving.

Casual Tableware, Ceramic: Decor America Ltd./F.X. Leipold, "Forest" dinnerware pattern designed and manufactured by Pfaltzgraff with a decal by the Leipold Group. In-glaze matte and gloss decal is lead-free. Hollowware features colored-glaze in internal surface.

Formal Tableware, Ceramic: Cookson Matthey Print, "Persia" dinnerware for Wedgwood with decals by Cookson Matthey.

Institutional Tableware, Glass: Custom Deco, Frosted Luxor tumbler for casino in Las Vegas. Ware is direct screen printed utilizing metallic gold and single fired.

Institutional Tableware, Ceramic: EPCO, American Orient Express 5-piece dinner setting that is decorated with 2-color waterslide decals. Service plate features gold etch.

Technical Categories

Direct Printed, Limited Edition: The Allen Company, Screen-printed green stardust University of North Carolina mug. Piece was first screen printed using a satin etch and then overprinted with 22 kt. gold for a two-toned effect. Gold bands were applied at the top and bottom to complete the mug.

Hand Decorated, Limited Edition: Ann Wheat Pace, Inc., "Floral Fairfax" majolica glaze bowl that was hand-painted on slip cast hand-thrown red earthenware bowl.

Custom Tile, Limited Edition: Decor America Ltd./F.X. Leipold, Ceramic tile border that is decorated with a 6-color screen-printed design and a clear vitrosa on one decal.

Sublimation, Limited Edition: U.S. Photo Mugs, "Who's Who in the Zoo" tile decorated with dye sublimation.

Direct Printed, Production, Glass: Revlon Technologies, Bicardi Limon rum bottle is decorated with 4-color direct screen process using radiation-cure trademarked Envirogluv inks. Coins are screened with hi-opacity antique gold bronze U.V. ink and preferentially hot-stamped with gold leaf to create effect.

Direct Printed, Production, Ceramic: Houze Promotional Products: Giga-Fill SACVD Centura mug featuring 6-color screen-printed decoration.

Indirect Transfer, Production, Glass: Decor America Ltd./F.X. Leipold, Glass tumbler decorated with five-color decal that utilizes regular glass colors as well as three different ceramets for glass.

Indirect Transfer, Production, Ceramic: Heinrich Ceramic Decal, Inc., Highly decorated casual dinnerware titled "Helen's Garden" using fast fire technology and lead-free decals printed by Heinrich Decal for Denise Ford, Inc.


Grit/Sandblast/Etched, Production: Janesville Group, Image 3 Crystal Collection U.S. Capitol engraved using a patented laser technology driven by a sophisticated computer program to create a 3-dimensional image in a flawless piece of optically-clear solid crystal.



Auto Window Glass, Production: AP Technoglass, GM Corvette heated backlite printed by 2-layer process using lead-free black ceramic base print with complex dot matrix pattern and a silver defogger pattern with the antenna.

Architectural Glass, Production: Philadelphia Decal, Galilean Fisherman religious icon mosaic reproduced from 6th century wall mosaic in Revenna, Italy. Glass panel is decorated with an engraved-decal using a patent-pending process to control carving.

Architectural Ceramic, Production: Decoritalia SpA, "Primavera" by Botticelli reproduction (see description in Architectural Ceramic Design category.)

Sublimation, Production: Chemidry of America, Colored glass panel decorated using sublimation techniques.

Overall Awards:


Vandenoever AwardHeinrich Ceramic Decal, Inc., "Born to be Free" charger plate designed by Ted Blaylock for The Franklin Mint with decals by Heinrich Decal. The design features a collage of outdoor scenes and has a dramatic soaring eagle as its main focal point. The plate is decorated with high-resolution four-color process decal technology and includes tightly registered brite gold.



Judges Award: Cookson Matthey Print, Wedgwood "Persia" formal tableware pattern with decals by Cookson Matthey.

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