1998 Discovery Award Winners

1998 Discovery Awards Winners For Outstanding Glass & Ceramic Decorating

The Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCDpro) honored Discovery Award winners during its annual show and technical seminar in New Orleans, Sept. 13-16. The 1998 awards featured 378 entries in 16 design and 15 technical categories. Two awards were presented in design categories with glass and ceramic entries judged separately.

In addition to the design and technical awards, SGCDpro also honored two Discovery entries for overall merit. All entries were displayed, and winners were selected by a panel of judges who reviewed each category and selected winners by consensus. The panel of three judges included Chuck Neff, Cerdec; Dirck Schou, Catalina China; and Charles Smith, H.J. Amann.

Judging was completed before the Discovery Room was opened to the general membership for review. SGCDpro members Robert Zollweg of Libbey Inc.; Lee Marvin, AdGraphics; and Randy Van Hise, Lenox, organized the Discovery Room, with Zollweg presiding over the award ceremony at SGCDpro's Annual Banquet. Zollweg, who has presented the Discovery Awards for six years, noted that the "caliber of entries continues to be outstanding with the number of entries in tableware and artware categories increasing dramatically along with the number of entries representing innovative decorating techniques."

The 1998 Discovery Award winners are:

Vandenoever Award: Every year, SGCDpro members who visit the Discovery Room vote to select a "Best of Show" entry to receive the annual Vandenoever Award. The 1998 winner is The Pfaltzgraff Co. for its immensely popular Naturewood casual tableware set designed by Jodi Phy with heat-release decals by Johnson Matthey. Ware is decorated with satin onglaze heat-release decals on a satin glaze. Naturewood also received the Discovery Award in the casual tableware category, and a Naturewood accessory cookie canister received a Discovery Award in the ceramic food container category. According to HFN magazine, Naturewood ranks #3 in its list of top-selling casual tableware patterns, and the pattern ranks #1 in the list of most-selected casual tableware patterns for bridal registrations.

Judges' Award Winner:: SGCDpro's 3-judge panel selects its own "Best of Show" recipient after reviewing every entry in the Discovery Room. The 1998 winner is Decoritalia S.P.A. for a formal tableware pattern for The Bradford Exchange, Europe that was designed by famous Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt. Bradford Europe developed the pattern from a series of collector plates using the artist's paintings as the subject. Decals were produced by Decoritalia using a combination of 23 colors including gold and metallics to reconstruct the pictorial effects of the originals. Ware was fired at 1500 F for 5 hours.

Discovery Awards for Excellence in Design:

Food Containers, Glass: Owens-Brockway Glass; 10 oz. jelly tumblers for Welch's with decorative Disney characters screen printed using 6 lead-free colors applied by Strutz decorating machines.

Food Containers, Ceramic: The Pfaltzgraff Company; Naturewood cookie canister designed by Jodi Phy for Pfaltzgraff. Features satin decals by Johnson Matthey fired on satin finish glaze.

Beverage Containers, Glass: Custom Deco; Cape Hatteras Growler featuring direct-printed pirate decoration using 3 colors.

Cosmetic Containers, Glass: The Allen Company; "Old Spice" bottle decorated with four colors blended in one screen. As a result, no two pieces are exactly the same.

Architectural Ceramic: Decoritalia S.P.A.; Tile mural decorated by Ceramica Bardelli for architect Piero Fornasetti. An on-glaze technique with decals by Decoritalia was used for this project to retain superb graphic definition. Fired at 1382 degrees F for 5 hours.

Appliances, Glass: Schott Glaswerke; "Fundamentals" Ceran cooktop panel featuring jeans-design printed with 7 colors.

Tumblers, Glass: Libbey Inc.; Frost & Gold Retro tumblers decorated with a 2-color screen process with satin etch and metallic gold.

Mugs, Glass: Elcyda Corp.; "Root Beer" tankard screen-printed using 6 colors design.

Mugs, Ceramic: Keram Druck; Mug decorated with water-slide decals featuring 7 colors, transparent relief and fast fired.

Ad Specialty/Premium, Glass: Commercial Decal of Ohio; Pete's Tarot Card pint glasses decorated by California Glass with decals by Commercial Decal of Ohio. Decals were printed using process colors plus five enhancement colors.



Ad Specialty/Premium, Ceramic: The Allen Co.;Borg Warner Automotive ceramic mugs using 1 screen with blended iridescent and simulated metallic inks for dramatic effect.


Novelties & Souvenirs, Glass: Reusche & Co. of T.W.S.; Exact replication of window at Folger Shakespeare Library decorated by Glassmasters using 18 screens printed on cathedral glass and fired one time only. Colors by Reusche.

Novelties & Souvenirs, Ceramic: The Homer Laughlin China Co.; Westin Wine Program plate featuring 8-color decal in well with burnish gold. Full-rim hand-lined luster and marble coating with 1/8" hand-lined band.

Collectibles, Glass: Fenton Art Glass Co.; Royal purple blown bell by Frances Burton with hand-applied handle. Features hand-painted purple/white daisies with green leaves and 22kt gold accents.

Collectibles, Ceramic: Cerdec Corp.; Hand-painted "Chinese Goddess" porcelain figurine by The Franklin Mint. Piece was fired after application of ceramic colors, after addition of special effect luster and after application of platinum.

Artware, Glass: Reusche & Co. of T.W.S.; "Story" decorative art piece by Walter Lieberman featuring Reusche enamels fired on blown glass vase.

Artware, Ceramic: ARK Restoration & Design: "Louis" vase is hand-painted with a copy of an 18th century painting by French artist Alexandre-Francois Desportes. Vase was painted and fired in 7 stages.

Lightingware, Glass: Fenton Art Glass: Crystal-blasted reverse-painted shade with dogwoods and gazebo by Frances Burton. Base is spruce glass. Interior is hand-painted and airbrushed with three colors and then fired before exterior is hand-painted and fired.

Lightingware, Ceramic: Commercial Decal of Ohio; Lilac lithophane lamp decorated by Schmidt Failing with decals by Commercial Decal. Image is embossed in translucent porcelain, and a nine-color decal is applied and fired on the inside surface.

Innovation, Ceramic: Engelhard Corp.; Cast-mold Aurora ceramic bowl by Jon Dean. Wet greenware is shaped by hand and coated before first firing. Additional glazes and lusters are added for decorative effect before second and third firings.

Casual Tableware, Glass: EPCO Group; Set of 4 goblets with French Market theme for Neiman Marcus Retail decorated by EPCO using 2-color water-slide decals and hand painting.

Casual Tableware, Ceramic: The Pfaltzgraff Co.; Naturewood tableware set designed by Jodi Phy with heat-release decals by Johnson Matthey. See details under "Vandenoever Award Winner" above.

Formal Tableware, Ceramic: Décor America; Palsma Picasso dinnerware set designed and manufactured by Villeroy & Boch with decals by The Leipold Group. Marble texture with matte/glass gold and spot-colored decal.

Institutional Tableware, Glass: Libbey Inc.; Cactus stemware decorated with acid etch and featuring a colored stem.

Institutional Tableware, Ceramic: China Concepts; Tableware setting for CSX Railroad's "Tampa" business car. Decorated with decals and some hand trimwork.


Discovery Awards for Technical ExcellenceLimited edition winners were produced in quantities under 288, while production category winners were produced in quantities over 288.

Direct Printed, Limited Edition: The Allen Co.; "Opportunity" mug using 3 colors and one screen blended to create a sky effect. Overlay ink is first applied for the sun's yellow and text, then orange is added around sun with half-tone effect. Mug is a "Spinner" featuring spinning globe bead at top of handle.

Indirect Transfer, Ceramic, Production: Keram Druck; Cezanne plate fired with a low temperature (150C) decal using organic colours.

Indirect Transfer, Limited Edition: Décor America; Round vase with screen-printed marble decals by the Leipold Group.

Hand Decorated, Limited Edition: Fenton Art Glass; "After the Rain" hand-decorated vase by J.K. Robin Spindler.

Grit-Sandblast-Etched, Limited Edition: Janesville Group; Elton John Award featuring 3D laser-etched image suspended above grit-etched verbiage.

Custom Tile, Limited Edition: Décor America; Ceramic tiles decorated by Calco Mundo with decals by F.X. Leipold. Decal was offset printed, cut and applied to 35 tiles before firing.

Sublimation, Limited Edition: Specialty Toner Corp.; Digital tile mural was originally printed on paper using digital electrostatic printer with dye sublimation inks. Image was transferred to 48 tiles on a flatbead heat press at one time. Print and transfer time was 8 minutes.

Direct Printed, Glass, Production: Libbey Inc.; Argyle 3-piece set of tumblers and canister printed with six colors with tight registration.

Direct Printed, Ceramic, Production: Glaswood Industries; 6"x6" ceramic tile for Pharaohs' Restaurant used as insert for furniture. Nine-color screening process used including etch, gold, 4-colour process and 3 additional colors.

Indirect Transfer, Glass, Production: Keram Druck; Cezanne plate fired with a low temperature (150 C) decal using organic colours.

Indirect Transfer, Ceramic, Production: Lenox China; Eternal Facets luncheon plate and cup. Decorated with multimetal platinum with burnish and matte gold. Waterslide decal is applied and fired, then border and handle are hand-gilded with gold and fired.

Grit-Sandblast-Etched, Production: Catalina China; Patented Porcelite vitreous china mug with translucent porcelain bottom. Manufactured to achieve shock resistance and mechanical strength of different ceramic bodies (porcelain, china and glaze)

Auto Glass: PPG Industries; Lincoln Continental rear windshield that features SecuriTect LTA Lightweight Transparent Armor bulletproofing. Will stop handgun shots from .357 and 44 magnums while providing superior optics and lighter-weight construction.

Architectural Ceramic, Production: Décor America; Tile mural decorated by Calco Mundo using "open stock pattern" overglaze decals by KDV, a Leipold company.

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