1999 Discovery Award Winners

1999 Discovery Awards Winners For Outstanding Glass & Ceramic Decorating

The Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCDpro) honored Discovery Award winners during its annual show and technical seminar in Pittsburgh, Sept. 26-29. The 1999 awards featured 418 entries in 17 design and 15 technical categories. Two awards were presented in each design category with glass and ceramic entries judged separately.

In addition to the design and technical awards, SGCDpro also honored two Discovery entries for overall merit. All entries were displayed in SGCDpro's Discovery Room, and winners were selected by a panel of judges who reviewed each category and selected winners by consensus. The judging panel included Patricia Janeway, Ceramic Bulletin; William "Jed" Janeri, Accugraphics; Susan Siska, Sprosen Designs; and Richard Wasowski, Ferro Corp.

Judging was completed before the Discovery Room was opened to the general membership for review. SGCDpro members Robert Zollweg of Libbey Inc.; Nancy Klinefelter, Baltimore Glassware; and Randy Van Hise, Lenox, organized the Discovery Room, with Zollweg presiding over the award ceremony at SGCDpro's Annual Banquet.

Zollweg, who has presided over the Discovery Awards for seven years, noted that the "caliber of entries was outstanding with the number of entries in the tableware categories growing dramatically."

The 1999 Discovery Award winners are:


Vandenoever Award: Every year, SGCDpro members who visit the Discovery Room vote to select a "Best of Show" entry to receive the annual Vandenoever Award. The 1999 recipient is Lenox Inc., Pomona, NJ, for its "Celebrating the Millennium in America" bowl and plate pattern that adopts design elements of all previous White House patterns by Lenox. The ware is decalled, lined with burnished gold, and includes raised hand-applied enamels. In addition, the ware is numbered with a foot-stamp inscription to certify it as a limited collector's edition.


Judges' Award Winner:: SGCDpro's 4-judge panel selected its own "Best of Show" recipient after reviewing every entry in the Discovery Room. The 1999 recipient is Oneida, Ltd., Buffalo, NY, for a Millenium plate produced on Schönwald Porcelain. The ware was designed and manufactured by Schönwald in Germany, and Oneida markets the piece in North America. It is decorated with a high-fire decal that includes gold and platinum highlights. The piece is part of a collection of four Millenium plate patterns offered by Oneida.

Discovery Awards for Excellence in Design:

Food Containers, Glass: Libbey Inc.; Vegetable carafes that feature five colors screen- printed in tight registration.

Food Containers, Ceramic: Heinrich Ceramic Decal; Set of 9 spice jars by The Franklin Mint that are decorative as single pieces -- although designed for display in a specific pattern on a custom spice rack. Features the art of Lowell Herrero with four- color-process decals by Heinrich.

Beverage Containers, Glass: Custom Deco South; Masterpiece bottle featuring a three-color decoration with multiple water-slide decals.

Cosmetic Containers, Glass: Art Deco Division of Pochet of America; 100 ml. Astrology – Libra bottles for Victoria's Secret. Bottles are sand-blasted, and printed with a tight registration for flux and palladium applications.

Architectural Ceramic: Johnson Matthey; Street Smarts "Manhattan Borough" pattern by Imagine Tile produced with decals by Johnson Matthey.

Tumblers, Glass: Libbey Inc.; White Magnolia design featuring a white halftone flower screen-printed using 3 colors and a raised clear-flux application.

Mugs, Ceramic: Custom Deco; Black mug with full wrap gold and platinum decoration.

Ad Specialty/Premium, Glass:Moderne Glass Co.; UPS logo on a patented Moderne Glass mug featuring a gold embossed decoration and a 22K gold band. Mug is given to UPS employees nationwide.

Ad Specialty/Premium, Ceramic: Glaswood Industries; 16 oz. Millennium mug featuring a "2000" mold on handle and decorated using four-color process, one bump color and a clear grit overlay.

Novelties & Souvenirs, Glass: Heinrich Ceramic Decal; Super Bowl XXXII tumbler for XPRES decorated with full-wrap double-sided "window" effect decal by Heinrich. Decal is four-color standard and reverse printed for a single-fire application.

Novelties & Souvenirs, Ceramic: Oneida, Ltd.; Millenium plate with decoration by Schönwald Porcelain. See description in Judges' Award listing.

Collectibles, Glass: Fenton Art Glass Co.; Mulberry glass Amphora designed by Martha Reynolds with decaled "Mystical Bird" decoration, glass enamel overlays and burnished gold enhancements. The decal is first applied and fired at 1,000° F; glass enamels are then hand-applied and refired; and finally the gold is applied and fired again to highlight stems.

Collectibles, Ceramic: Heinrich Ceramic Decal; TV-shaped music boxes by The Franklin Mint with scenes from famous television series. High-resolution four-color-process decals by Heinrich are enhanced with 11 boost colors, bright gold and bright platinum.

Artware, Glass: Reusche & Co. of T.W.S.; "Buried Heart" painted glass wall-decoration by Virginia Gabaldo featuring 16 Reusche enamels on slumped reverse-painted glass.

Artware, Ceramic: Lenox Inc.: "Celebrating the Millenium" White House plate and bowl pattern. See description in Vandenoever Award listing.

Lightingware, Glass: Fenton Art Glass: Burmese lamp shade from Fenton with decoration design by J.K. Robin Spindler on mold created in 1978. Features hand-painted hibiscus and decal scroll work with two-firing steps. Produced for Fenton's "Connoisseur Collection" and limited to 950 piece production.

Lightingware, Ceramic: Commercial Decal of Ohio; Lithophane lamp decorated by Schmidt Failing with decals by Commercial Decal. Image is embossed in translucent porcelain, and decal is applied and fired on the inside surface.

Innovation, Glass: Reusche & Co. of T.W.S.; "Moving Cat" by Rufus Seder Life Tiles. Image is direct printed on innovative hand-cast glass tile to give viewer the impression that the cat is jumping when seen from different angles. Color by Reusche & Co.

Casual Tableware, Glass: Custom Deco; Beverage Pilsner set decorated with an innovative acid etch process with a one-color sprayed base.

Casual Tableware, Ceramic: Oneida, Ltd.; Roycroft Inn dark green and terra cotta mission period casual design featuring an "arts and crafts" pattern on ware by Buffalo China. Decorated with an in-glaze decal.

Formal Tableware, Glass: Custom Deco; Cocktail glass with festive acid-etch design.

Formal Tableware, Ceramic: Heinrich Ceramic Decal; Huntington formal five-piece dinnerware set by Pickard China with decals by Heinrich. Features tightly registered multi-colored decal with burnished gold and embossed effects.

Food Service, Glass: Libbey Inc.; Summer Casual drinkware featuring bright fiesta summer colors.

Food Service, Formal, Ceramic: Oneida, Ltd.; "Vortex" two-color black and platinum design on Oneida Eclipse bone china with on-glaze decals by Heinrich Ceramic Decal.

Food Service, Casual, Ceramic: Oneida, Ltd.; "Scores" full-surface casualware on Buffalo China decorated with four-color process plus four spot-color decals by Heinrich Ceramic Decal. Collection features basketball, football, baseball and other sport themes.

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