2000 Discovery Award Winners

2000 Discovery Awards Winners For Outstanding Glass & Ceramic Decorating

SGCDpro honored Discovery Award winners during its annual show and technical seminar in San Diego, Sept. 10-13. The 2000 awards featured 223 entries in 30 design and 9 technical categories. Two awards were presented in each design category with glass and ceramic entries judged separately.

In addition to the design and technical awards, SGCDpro also honored two Discovery entries for overall merit. All entries were displayed in SGCDpro's Discovery Room, and a panel of three judges reviewed each category and selected winners by consensus. The judging panel included Kristi Grahl, Ceramic Industry; Dennis Newbury, Dennis Newbury & Co.; and Gary Stevens, Product Decorating Systems, Inc.

Judging was completed before the Discovery Room was opened to the general membership for review. SGCDpro member Robert Zollweg of Libbey Inc.; and Randall Van Hise of Engelhard Corp. organized the Discovery Room. Zollweg also presided over the award ceremony at SGCDpro's Annual Banquet. Zollweg, who has presided over the Discovery Awards for more than ten years, noted "once again the level of competition was outstanding with the final vote for Vandenoever honors hotly contested between several entries."

A total of 536 members and their associates attended the annual show and technical seminar in San Diego. The 2001 awards will be presented in Arlington, Virginia from Sept. 10 – Oct.3.

Vandenoever Award goes to Johnson Matthey

Every year, SGCDpro members select a "Best of Show" entry from among the best overall

Discovery Award entries in the Discovery Room. The 2000 recipient of the Vandenoever

Award is Johnson Matthey, Maastricht, Holland, for its "Van Gogh Vodka Bottle." The ware is partly etched and has 12 screened colors.

Preciosa wins Judges' Award

SGCDpro's 3-judge panel selected its own "Best of Show" recipient after reviewing every entry in the Discovery Room. The 2000 recipient is Preciosa, Inc., Westfield, NJ, for a black, gold luster deco bowl. The ware, which required precise masking, was fired at 1100° F.




Discovery Awards for Excellence in Design:

Food Containers, Glass: Libbey Inc.; Autumn-leaf glass storage jar.

Food Containers, Ceramic: 
The Pfaltzgraff Co.; Hand-painted Christmas heritage candy train.

Beverage Containers, Glass: 
Johnson Matthey; "Van Gogh Vodka Bottle." The bottle is partly etched and has 12 screened colors.

Beverage Containers, Ceramic: The Pfaltzgraff Co.; Jamberry teapot with hand-painted lid and decal applied to its base.

Cosmetic Containers, Glass: Art Deco Division of Pochet of America; 50 ml. "White Violet bottle" decorated with organic spray with two-color tight registration.

Architectural Glass: Custom Deco, Inc.; Glass tiles acid etched with resist design and colored coatings.


Architectural Ceramic: Decoritalia; "La Citta Delle Carte." Large six-piece tile panel with transfer decoration reproduced for architect Piero Fornasetti.

Industrial Ceramic: Decoritalia; This decas step tile ensures a commercial grade (PE14) as well as a high friction coefficient level to answer all codes. For the printing of these decals, special materials are used to achieve the special aspects of the tile.

Tumblers, Glass: ARC International; Six-piece, old fashioned woodstock set.

Mugs, Glass: Custom Deco, Inc.; Budweiser king of beers stein. Direct screen applied to acid etched resist design.

Mugs, Ceramic: Drake Studio, Ltd.; Ceramic stein featuring transfer decoration.

Promotional Product/ Glass: Custom Deco, Inc.; Nautical coke tumbler. Four color direct screen applied to frosted ware with colored base.

Promotional Product/ Ceramic: The Allen Company; Black coffee mug with gold "DARE" designs. The designs were screen printed using satin etch and 22 carat gold inks. Crushed glass was applied for texture.

Novelties & Souvenirs, Glass: Libbey Inc.; Valentine designs applied by direct screen.

Novelties & Souvenirs, Ceramic: 
The Allen Company; Black mug with an intricate design of Chicago. Three iridescent inks are blended on one screen and matte black highlights the Sears tower while white ceramic inks are overlaid with fine crushed glass on the buildings to show city lights at night.

Collectibles, Glass: Custom Deco, Inc.; Defenders of Wildlife glass tumbler. Five-color direct screened and acid etched with resist design.

Collectibles, Ceramic: Heinrich Ceramic Decal; Hand decorated fine porcelain sculpture by The Franklin Mint entitled "Maku." The sculpture is decorated with a combination of multi-colored and bright gold decals with hand painted embellishments.

Artware, Glass: 
Preciosa, Inc.; Black gold luster deco. Glass bowl decorated with a grit blasted butterfly design

Artware, Ceramic: Decoritalia; King Tut tile was created using four color process decal with additional spot colors added.

Lightingware, Glass: L.E. Smith Glass Co.; Table lamp with smokey quartz design and satin finish.

Lightingware, Ceramic: Commercial Decal of Ohio; Golfer desk-lamp decorated with decals applied to interior of lamp shade.

Innovation, Glass: Sydney Cash; Optical vases designed for the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Innovation, Ceramic: Design Point Decal; Ceramic tile featuring elk design. Digital ceramic four-color-process plaque created from computer generated art. No pre-press was required and the finished decal was generated in 1 minute.

Casual Tableware, Glass: Libbey Inc.; Christmas tree in frost with a green or red base.

Casual Tableware, Ceramic: The Pfaltzgraff Co.; Four-piece Jamberry dinnerware set.

Formal Tableware, Ceramic: Lenox China; Formal, five-piece dinnerware entitled "Kyoto" with waterslide decal decoration.

Food Service, Casual, Glass: Custom Deco, Inc.; Coke repeat tumbler bearing acid etched designs with step and repeated resist and indirect full-color logo.

Food Service, Casual, Ceramic: Oneida, Ltd.; "Tex Mex." Reactive decal on colored Glaze. Inglaze decals by Sias.

Food Service, Formal, Glass: Custom Deco, Inc.; Cobalt blue goblet with acid resist design on multi-colored glass.

Food Service, Formal, Ceramic: 
The Homer Laughlin China Company; "Grand Californian" plate decorated with decal.


Discovery Awards for Technical Excellence:

Limited edition winners were produced in quantities under 288, while production category winners were produced in quantities over 288.

Direct Printed, Limited Edition: The Allen Co.; A vivid blue coffee mug with a screened "Intersound Inc., Post Production" imprint.

Indirect Transfer, Limited Edition: Johnson Matthey; Floral reactive effect plate decorated with decals by Johnson Matthey.

Hand Decorated, Limited Edition: Johnson Matthey; Hand decorated Bohemia glass vase with burnish silver and other enamels.

Grit-Sandblast-Etched, Limited Edition: Preciosa, Inc.; Gold decorated glass bowl with leaf design achieved by sand blasting. Design and decoration by Schlanser Design Studio, Pasadena, CA.

Custom Tile, Limited Edition: Decoritalia; "La Citta Delle Carte." Large six-piece tile panel with transfer decoration reproduced for architect Piero Fornasetti.

Direct Printed, Glass, Production: Johnson Matthey; "Van Gogh Vodka Bottle." The bottle is partly etched and has 12 screened colors.

Indirect Transfer, Glass, Production: Glaswood Industries; Martini blue stem glass with full color imprint.

Indirect Transfer, Ceramic, Production: Drake Studio, Ltd; "Retiree Stein" with painted handle decorated with ceramic waterslide decal.

Architectural Ceramic, Production: Décor America, Inc.; "Celebration Fern." KDV Tile Motif with overglaze decal and vitrosa application.

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