Georges Briard Wins 2004 Frank Child Award

The SGCDpro Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Georges Briard has been named the winner of the 2004 Frank S. Child Award. The award is given annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of glass and/or ceramic decorating.

Briard was an artist and a marketing wizard whose golden signature carried household objects, such as barware, hostess accessories and small furnishings, to new heights in the 1950's and 1960's. The famous Briard signature appeared on numerous products including those from M. Willie, Inc., Culver Glassware, Glass Guild, Hartman Associates, J&H International, Peerless Art Company, Mdina Glass and Pfaltzgraf Pottery. Briard believes "it costs no more to produce a good design than a bad one."

The 2004 Frank S. Child Award will be presented during the Society's 40th Anniversary Awards Banquet on Tuesday, March 30th at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.


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