2013 Frank S. Child Award Winner

This year's Frank S. Child Award was presented to Bob McKay of Seppic, Inc. An SGCD Past President, Bob (along with his late father) has been instrumental in developing glass frosting technology for the glass decoration industry. 

Bob joined McKay Chemical in 1977 as production manager. He became President and CEO in 1989 upon the retirement of his father, Ron. That same year, the company merged with SEPPIC where Bob continues to serve as Senior Vice President. He manages SEPPIC's industrial products. 

Bob served as President of SGCDpro (then SGCD) in 1989 after serving on committees for several years. Bob is the third member of the McKay family to work in the glass decorating and frosting business.

About the Frank S. Child Award

Each year, the Frank S. Child Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the further development and success of the glass and ceramic decorating industry. Named for the Society's first General Secretary, the Child award is the most prestigious award presented by the Society.

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